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J.M. Kearns, writer
the buzz
J.M. Kearns writes about relationships.

Sometimes non-fiction, sometimes novels, sometimes songs. You'll find them all on here.

header photo is a view from Cape May, NJ
Q&A with J.M. Kearns
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Shopping for Mr.Right:
how does it relate to
his other books?
J.M. also wrote Better Love Next Time, a book that explores what your broken heart is trying to tell you: how to overcome the damage of a failed relationship and unearth its hidden messages.

His third non-fiction book,
Shopping for Mr Right (2011), is the second installment of the ideas of Why Mr. Right Can't Find You. See the Q&A link in the star below, for how the two books relate.

His latest book is featured above and on its own page on this site.

J.M. is also a novelist and a singer-songwriter.

His bio is here. For more on his books, please press here; for his songs, press here.

"Luck and Obsession:
how a writer was made..."
read it on
It's called How Can I Be Your Lover
When I'm Too Busy Being Your Mother?
You'll find full coverage on this website:
the scoop on the book, the incredible media buzz,
photos, quotes, and special features found nowhere else.
Just press this link.
It's the latest book by J.M. Kearns, co-written with Sara Dimerman.
J.M. Kearns is the author of Why Mr. Right Can't Find You. This best-selling relationship book has been published in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia; and has recently been translated into French and Chinese. Embraced by readers and the press on both sides of the Atlantic, it has been featured on Oprah & Friends Radio and in OK! Magazine, Glamour, Cosmopolitan-UK, Maclean's, The Toronto Star, and many others.
the lover-mother book
A new book is changing the way people look at marriage.
It's making waves in Canada, where it's been featured in the top print, radio and TV media and is flying off booksellers' shelves and sites. And it's coming to the U.S. later this year, from Simon & Schuster.