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Praise for Why Mr. Right Can't Find You...

"If you've been on the lookout for ages but still haven't found The One, this is for you...you'll be in the arms of your true love in no time!" — OK! Magazine

"Practical, encouraging and...optimistic...Kearns gently undermines the conventions and insecurities that keep women from actively and effectively seeking a mate, including self-defeating myths and media-inspired body-image issues... Personal anecdotes round out this thorough, thoughtful and entirely upbeat dating guide." —
Publishers Weekly

"I review self-help books for a living and this is the best self-help book I've ever read."
— Julia McKinnell, Contributing editor,

"'I'm bringing the good news from the male side of the trenches,' said J. M. Kearns... "To set the record straight and defend the much-maligned male gender, who I think have been distorted in the self-help literature for years.' Mr. Kearns said... men [have been] presented in... dating literature as a homogeneous block to be tricked, decoded and subdued by women. 'If you worry about what most men are looking for, you'll go wrong,' he said. These books tell women they must act in accordance with a prescribed set of rules that has nothing to do with how men actually think." — Globe & Mail

"Unlike most such books, Why Mr. Right Can't Find You is funny, inspiring and quite practical. A new book aimed specifically at successful, real single women, it may be just the thing you need to find Mr. Right-for-you. And it's been known to help a few men find their Ms. Right." — Carolyn Cooke in The Now Newspaper

"J.M. Kearns in his excellent new book Why Mr. Right Can't Find You,...unlike other self-helps for the single woman, starts with the premise that there is nothing wrong with you. You do not need to be 'fixed'. Kearns has a Ph.D. in philosophy and has worked as a crisis counsellor. Whereas other how-tos portray men as unknowable aliens interested only in hard-to-get women, Kearns has a different take. A lot of men he says, want a meaningful relationship. 'Contrary to the dating books,' he writes, 'if you get into a conversation with the right man you won't have a problem knowing what to say!'" — Julia McKinnell, Maclean's

Praise for Better Love Next Time...

"Read it, people. J.M. Kearns's new book called Better Love Next Time... The book's main premise is that people often repeat the same mistakes in successive relationships, but if you can diagnose what really went wrong with your exes, you can have better relationships in the future." — Erin Meanley, Glamour.com

"If you're searching for love, then you should start with this refreshingly intelligent and insightful dating guide." — Shari Low,
Daily Record

"Self-help books often make me skittish - but not this one. Kearns's advice is sound and good: he tells us to look inward, to be honest with ourselves, to stay the course. A chapter called How Good Matches Go Bad is, alone, worth the book's price. He says our demons will invariably rise up and try to disrupt. It's important to learn to step back when you sense trouble 'and ask yourself, who is talking here?' Are there old grudges in play? Old hurts stinging? False lessons echoing that have nothing to do with the two of you?"
— Susan Schwartz,
Montreal Gazette

"I laughed a bit and contemplated my past relationships right along with what J.M. Kearns was saying. I felt like I was having a discussion with him but I didn't need to speak. This book was so well written; I finished it with a smile on my face and a heart full of hope." — The Book Club Queen

"According to author J.M. Kearns, who recently released the self-help book
Better Love Next Time, unless we deal with issues from our past relationships, we may be doomed to repeat the same fate over and over again. Depending on how badly things went the last time around, he says, defense mechanisms might be in place that can sabotage the next relationship. This can happen in a rebound scenario, or worse, with a good match that's not being given a fair chance. 'If someone hasn't sorted the issues from some past romantic disaster and then they meet the right person, the past writes the script, and they end up repeating the same problems that existed before,' he says. 'Or they find it hard to believe in the new relationship because they're seeing it through the old relationship.'" — Manisha Krishnan, North Shore News

"Aimed at getting you back in the game and emerging a winner. Working from the principle that past relationships contain the coded map that will lead to successful love, Kearns offers advice on how to unlock the code and stop making the same mistakes." — Wendy Warburton, The National Post

"For those who have been searching for a Valentine of their very own, but haven't quite nailed the right formula for attracting one, there is hope. Kearns' best advice for a successful 'next' relationship? Process why past loves didn't work out, what you really want from a long-term relationship, and let go of the painful attitudes and behaviors to get back in the game." — Donna Gray, Calgary Herald

"For anyone who is nursing a broken heart or just has bad luck in love, Better Love Next Time is a great read. Not only does it allow you to learn about yourself, it encourages you to grow and get yourself ready for the love of your life!" — CollegeCandy.com

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