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How Can I be Your Lover When I'm Too Busy Being Your Mother
by Sara Dimerman and J.M. Kearns...
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"At its core, the book is about healthy relationships. It has dozens of stories from wives who share what they've experienced and how they solved it. All of the stories did not have happy endings, but they all provided lessons that even people in good relationships can learn from.
The book is packed with information, well told and surprisingly, not preachy... I'm a guy and I say that."

--Trey Burley, aka
Daddy Mojo
Sara and J.M. at the Global Morning Show with Liza Fromer and Dave Gerry
The authors sign a few at Indigo
The authors at the book launch at Indigo in the Yorkdale Mall
"I can really relate to this topic. When my son took a psychology course in High School, and participated in an assignment on birth order, he was surprised to hear that he acted more like a middle child than the biological oldest that he is. I wasn't surprised at all. I told him: sweetie, you are the middle child. Your father is my oldest."
-- June Muller, Editor-in-chief, City Parent Newsmagazine

"Dimerman says there's a direct correlation between what she describes as the 'mother syndrome' and the rate of divorce... 'We think the mother syndrome is the hidden key to many troubled marriages,' she tells Pulse. 'And we think that if couples were to become more aware of the problem and how to resolve it, then they might not feel the need to admit defeat.'

Dimerman describes the mother syndrome as when a woman finds herself in the role of her partner's mother rather than the loving equal she hoped to be. She says it's a situation that couples don't pursue purposefully and often aren't aware it is developing until it is pointed out. But the root of the problem lies in the division of domestic responsibilities, which has a huge impact on a couple's emotional connection."

-- Eliza Adamthwaite in
The Border Mail